Thursday, February 26, 2004


Space Art encourages us to dream...of what is and what may be. Since the dawn of time, humans have gazed upon the sky with awe and curiosity, imagining what may be found in the vastness around them. The universe is not black and white. Beyond the reaches of our atmosphere lie splashes of wondrous color against the inky backdrop of space. It is fitting that these things be represented in fantastic artistic images. Space artists bring these dreams to life and we believe some of the best examples of this work are right here.

Solar Voyager hosts one of the largest collections of Space Art on the internet today. We are pleased to bring you a diverse assortment of work from a variety of talented artists. New additions to the site are made on a regular basis. This is a non-profit gallery, created for the sole purpose of displaying these incredible astronomical works of art in an organized and attractive fashion.

We hope you enjoy Solar Voyager - feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, etc. Please refer to the FAQ for more information.


We feature space art from both amateurs and professionals alike. Our Member's Gallery (located in the forum area) is open for all site members to submit and display their work. It is an excellent place to receive comments and critiques from peers. We encourage everyone to get involved with this area; it is the driving-force behind the site. Even if you are not an artist, feel free to share your comments and insights about the images posted by others. This interaction allows everyone to improve and fosters a sense of community.


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