Monday, October 10, 2005

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About me and this site:
I’m a historian, photographer, and writer, based in Brooklyn, NY. I’m also an “urban explorer”-- I try to find the hidden and forgotten spaces and bits of history that exist in every man-made environment, and especially in large cities.

I’m particularly fascinated by underground infrastructure and environments. One of the most interesting things I’ve found is that, especially in cities, going underground means going back in time, and seeing things that have remained unchanged and perhaps unseen since they were first constructed fifty, a hundred, or a hundred and fifty years ago.

I also visit abandoned places-- factories, theaters, asylums, hospitals, etc. Again, what fascinates me is that in places that have been abandoned and untouched for years, there is a direct link to the past.

With my photography, I try to capture both the sense of history that I find in these places, as well as the excitement and adventure that comes of seeing something unique that few others will ever have the chance to see.

When you’re looking at these photos, remind yourself that in addition to the city you see around you, there’s another city that you only see hints of-- a city of interconnected tunnels and inaccessible rooftops, of steam and sewer and water pipes, a city of century-old abandoned subway stations and forgotten foundations of buildings and bright graffiti paintings, all overlaid with the rich stories of the millions of lives that have all added their own threads to the fabric of the city.

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